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Programme Description
WeightsJS programmes cover both exercise and basic nutrition advice as weight loss and fitness goals are dependent on both. The nutrition component will focus on basic meal planning and healthy choice education. The exercise component will consist of a combination of weight training, bodyweight and cardio sessions for both strength, conditioning and improved general fitness.

Programme Options
JS offers three programme duration options to suit the different circumstances of clients. These options are:

6 Weeks | 8 Weeks | 12 Weeks

Programme Schedule
Clients can choose from different contact training day plans for the week to suit their budget and schedule. A minimum of two contact training days for each programme is ideal for achieving optimal results and clients are required to make up the shortfall in training and extra cardio in their own time.

Programme Features & Benefits
When you sign up for a JS programme, you will gain access to the following:
• FREE Parking
• One-on-One or Two-on-One Training
• Private Gym Studio
• Basic Detox Programme
• Personalised Programme(s)
• Progress Photos Taken (optional)
• Discounts off supplements

JS offers individual consultation sessions and Personal Assessments for those who want someone to check their progress or provide advice on their training and nutrition.

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